October 27, 2023 5 min read

5 Ways Arlington Helps Cleared Industry Become eMASS Compliant and Earn ATO with DCSA

Need an expert, DoD consulting firm to assist with becoming eMASS compliant and earning your ATO with DCSA? Overwhelmed with the amount of policies and procedures needed to become eMASS compliant?ARLINGTON can assist.

As expert DoD compliance consultants, our talented team of professionals have been working with federal contractors all throughout the country in helping them meet growing eMASS reporting requirements.

Many DoD contractors are finding eMASS reporting challenging – we more than understand – so contact Arlington today atinfo@arlingtonintel.com to learn more about our proven eMASS consulting services.

#1 – We’ll Perform an eMASS Scoping & Readiness Assessment

#2 – We’ll Develop all of your eMASS NIST 800 Policies and Procedures

#3 – We’ll Help You Choose the Right Security Tools & Solutions

#4 – We’ll Fill out all of Your eMASS Spreadsheets

#5 – We’ll Monitor Your eMASS Environment Throughout the Year

As a defense contractor, you’re probably now well-aware of the Enterprise Mission Assurance Support Service (eMASS) reporting requirements and the DoD’s new measures in streamlining regulatory compliance. Growing information security and cybersecurity requirements are forcing literally hundreds of thousands of companies in the DoD supply chain to become compliant with both eMASS and CMMC reporting requirements.

eMASS is a government owned web-based application with a broad range of services for comprehensive fully integrated cybersecurity management. Features include dashboard reporting, controls scorecard measurement, and the generation of a system security authorization package, while providing a suite of authorization capabilities for helping prevent cyber-attacks by establishing strict process control mechanisms for obtaining authorization decisions. By all accounts, the DoD has finally taken a firm commitment regarding cybersecurity for federal contractors.

#1 We’ll Perform an eMASS Scoping & Readiness Assessment

An essential part of understanding the eMASS reporting requirements is determining exactly what’s in scope in terms of controls, processes, documentation, locations, and more. Many times, defense contractors are overwhelmed with the eMASS spreadsheets, unsure of where to begin, how to scope the project, and more importantly, how to determine what controls are in scope, out of scope, NA, etc. ARLINGTON can help.

We have helped a large number of DoD contractors in not only properly scoping eMASS reporting, but also developing much-needed policies and procedures from gaps found during the readiness process. Contact us today atinfo@arlingtonintel.com to learn more.

Benefits of Arlington’s eMASS Scoping & Readiness Assessment

  • A clear understanding of the eMASS framework, steps to take for becoming compliant, and more.
  • A detailed assessment of what controls will require remediation, and steps to take for performing the actual remediation.
  • Working with proven federal contractors who can confidently answer any and all questions regarding eMASS compliance.

#2 – We’ll Develop all of your eMASS NIST 800 Policies and Procedures

Every potential client we speak to regarding eMASS compliance has a huge need for finding a proven, trusted firm to help write all the necessary information security policies and procedures required for eMASS submission. And because eMASS is essentially controls pulled directly from NIST SP 800-53, organizations will need to develop security policies based on this monstrous & robust framework.

To be clear, the sheer amount of information security policies and procedures needed for eMASS compliance can be daunting indeed, even staggering. All the more reason for finding a proven, trusted provider with years of experience working in the DoD and federal compliance space. You need a firm who knows how to write DoD specific information security policies and procedures, and that firm is Arlington.

Benefits of Arlington’s NIST 800-53 Security Policy Writing Services

  • Years of proven expertise authoring information security policies and procedures.
  • Fast and efficient, with documents that are comprehensive and well-written.
  • Fixed-fees, with never any hidden costs.
  • A proven process from beginning to end that’s seamless and quick.

#3 – We’ll Help You Choose the Right Security Tools & Solutions

Many times, various security tools and solutions are needed for becoming eMASS compliant. From hardening and configuration toolsets to multi-factor authentication, and more, knowing the tools to implement – and where to acquire them – is critical, indeed. And because the scope for eMASS compliance can greatly differ from one defense contractor to the next, that also means the types of tools needed will differ also.

Don’t overspend, and don’t get caught without the tools needed for eMASS compliance. Talk to Arlington today about a proven process for helping DoD contractors become eMASS compliant. We’ve worked with some of the largest defense contractors in the world – and some of the smallest – thus, our expertise is far and wide.

Benefits of Hiring Arlington for Finding the Right Security Tools

  • Established relationships with dozens of vendors for all major security tools & solutions.
  • Arlington can help choose the right tool that best fits your environment, from on-prem to cloud based services.
  • Arlington can quickly cut through the sales jargon from many vendors, getting you the best product at the best price.

#4 – We’ll Fill out all of Your eMASS Spreadsheets

Had a chance to download the eMASS spreadsheets that must be completed? If so, then you’re well aware of the hundreds of lines, fields, and corresponding questions that need to be answered. This, along with developing security policies and procedures, is one of the most tiring and taxing measures for eMASS compliance. Luckily, Arlington has helped a large number of defense contractors in completing these spreadsheets, which means a tremendous amount of savings in both time and money for you. There’s no time for on-the-job training, learning as you go with the eMASS spreadsheets. With that approach, they’ll take months to complete. 

Benefits of Arlington Completing Your eMASS Templates

  • We offer a fast, efficient, and cost-effective process.
  • In-depth knowledge of the actual eMASS spreadsheets in terms of how to answer all fields.
  • Fixed-fee pricing, with no hidden costs.
  • Rapid turnaround.

#5 – We’ll Monitor Your eMASS Environment Throughout the Year

There’s a notable requirement within eMASS that such controls need to be monitored throughout the year. It’s a concept commonly known as “continuous monitoring”, and Arlington can assist with these efforts. Specifically, ARLINGTON can regularly test controls, update policies and procedures, provide reporting to management, and much more. What you don’t want are controls that have failed throughout the year and no oversight, as this is a recipe for failure when it comes to ATO renewal. To learn more about Arlington’s continuous monitoring services and solutions, contact us today,

Benefits of Arlington’s Continuous Monitoring Services & Solutions

  • A cost-effective solution for monitoring your controls.
  • An efficient process that’s been fine tuned by our team of compliance experts.
  • Ensuring you’re proactive in addressing any known control deficiencies before they become a constraint.

eMASS Experts from A to Z. Contact Arlington Today

Arlington has years of experience working with DoD contractors when it comes to regulatory compliance. With eMASS, contractors need a proven, trusted provider for services, and that’s Arlington. Bottom line, we know eMASS inside and out, so contact us today. Along with offering eMASS services, Arlington also provides professional compliance and consulting solutions for a wide-range of growing regulations. We're well-known in the federal compliance space, so if you’re looking for a firm with proven expertise and credentials, that’s Arlington.